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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check : Are Images Spreading Over The Verdict of R Sakkarapani Real?

Two images of food minister R Sakkarapani are spreading all over the internet which are said to be circulated through NEWS 7. In which the picture on the left states, “”People are not thankful. The Pongal gift was first and foremost created but not thanked by the people”

And the right picture states, “”The Pongal gift package given in rations is sacred. The government should not be criticized for providing it for free. Don’t but those who don’t like it.”

News on R Sikkarpani

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Fact Check

R Sakkarapani himself came out and said these pictures are not of his statements, and neither he will say anything like that ever.

As the pictures were claimed to be spread by NEWS 7, the news agency also cleared that no pictures like these has been circulated through their media house.

link of the post


That is to say, food minister, R Sakkarapani and media house, NEWS 7 themselves said that no such news is being forwarded by then, hence making it fake.

Claim Review– Viral Pictures of R Sakkarapani

Claimed by– Social Media users.

Fact check– false.



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