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#FactCheck: The truth behind the video openly threatening Hindus!

A video is becoming massivelly viral on social media. Social media users are claiming in this video that the person seen in the video is Delhi’s city Qazi and AAP leader who is talking objectionable things about Hindus. Many users have claimed that ‘this is the city Qazi of Delhi and the office-bearer of Aam Aadmi Party, who is openly threatening Hindus.’

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In this video a person is saying that the saffron regimes and the conspirators should also listen carefully that the Muslim has woken up now. Against daily deaths and atrocities, Muslims also have young children, Muslims also have the strength and weapons. A Muslim can also use a weapon, but a Muslim is pro-peace. If we come on our own, we will make it difficult for them to live in this country. The way they are torturing us. If we provoke our young children once, then our children are much more powerful than them.’

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To know the truth about the claim about the viral video, we converted it into a few key-frames with the help of the invid tool. After this Google reverse search with a keyframe. But we didn’t get any report related to this video. After this we started searching on Google using some keywords with a key-frame. This time we succeeded, and we got a youtube video of 3 min 6 sec.

We found in our search, that the video was uploaded on the YouTube channel on 28 June 2019. After watching it in full, we came to know that this is a video of Tabrez Ansari’s protest against mob lynching. A journalist asks the person seen in the video that what do you have to say about the atrocities happening and what action should be taken?

In response, the person says that these people were gathered in connection with Tabrez . The children of our Muslim organization have raised this voice. It is this spark that will spread like fire and will shake the pavement of Delhi. Because the cases of mob lynching have become not one or two hundreds.

Our investigation revealed that the video is from Dehradun. The name of the person seen in it is Mufti Raees and he is a resident of Dehradun. After that we started searching on Google using some keywords. During this we received an article published by Amar Ujala on 30 June 2019. According to report, Muslim Seva Sangathan protested against killing of Tabrez Ansari, who was killed in mob lynching in Jharkhand. During this, Mufti Raees gave a provocative statement. A report was also filed against Mufti Raees after the video of that statement went viral.

In our investigation, we did not find anything that could prove that Mufti Raees has any connection with Aam Aadmi Party, not only that Mufti Raees is not related to Delhi either. He lives in Dehradun. So we found this claim to be false.