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Fact-Check: Prakash Javadekar posts old video amidst glaring coal crisis

On October 20, 2021 Prakash Javedkar, BJP MP posted a video of  trains filled up to the brim with coal. 

Javedkar has claimed that the stations are running on “war footing” since the coal crisis was announced. 

Javedkar’s tweet

The video has been viewed over 2,00,000 times on Twitter alone and has been posted by several others as well. 

BJP New Delhi’s General Secretary Kuldeep Chahal’s Tweet


However, when we reverse searched the key frames of the video we found that the video was originally posted on January 6,2021 by the official handle of Indian Railway Traffic Service. The caption reads “ VASUKI, 4 loaded goods train connected for the first time in Korba, Bilaspur Division. Carrying 16000 tonnes of coal equivalent to 500 trucks, it ran from Korba to Bhilai.”

Original video posted in January 2021

Since the video is old and in no way pertains to the current coal crisis, Javedkar’s claim is misleading