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Fact Check: Old images being used to show more and more farmers are reaching Delhi

Bhartiya Kisan Sangathan account on twitter, which claims itself to be an Indian Farmer’s organization that is politically linked to the #FarmerProtest, having 1585 Followers and created on June 2021 along with others account which support farmers protest, including @Parm_000, having 5453 Followers has shared an image on 21st Oct,2021 of hundreds of Farmers and their trucks gathered around along with the claim that Thousands of tractors are moving towards Delhi from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Uttaranchal.

A threat for the government is also included in the tweet that “if the government tries to forcefully remove it under the guise of the court, then the roads from the village to the Delhi border should become our gherao”.

 Fact Check:

On performing reverse image search of the image attached to the tweet, it was found that it is an old image of September, 2021. The interesting fact is this image was even used in Sept, 2021 by above mentioned account, named Parm Kaur Mangat to show human rights violations of Farmers.

Thus, the image used to prove the above claim that more and more Farmers are reaching Delhi from Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan and UP for the participation in Farmers Protest is misleading and old.