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Fact-Check: Did Gujarat completely abolish reservation in all sectors?

On September 23,2021,  a twitter user named Rupesh posted a claim that Gujarat is the first state to declare that caste based reservations are abolished in the state.

He went on to list the places where there will no longer be any reservation for the next 25 years including railways, buses, government jobs and promotions.

Rupesh’s tweet

We also performed a keyword search on twitter and found hundreds of the same claim going back to 2016. Most of the recent claims had a Times of India article attached to it.


However, this is no such news anywhere including government websites. We checked all corners of the internet including newspaper archives to find a proof of this claim but could not find anything.

Additionally, the link posted by many of the users to support their statement is actually about Meritorious candidates shifting to general category and does not say anything about stopping reservations.  

There is almost no connection between the claim and the link posted. Since the claim has no basis, it is therefore fake.