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Fact-Check: Old Video of Vijay Rupani shared Removing Red Beacon After his Resignation as CM

A footage of former Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has got viral where he is removing a red beacon from a vehicle with a claim that it shows him removing the light from his own car following his resignation as the CM.

This footage has got viral on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with almost 1000 views on one Facebook post.

We found many accounts sharing the post on twitter with the same statements.

Facebook post

Fact-Check: With some analysis and reverse image searches we found out that this video of Rupani seemed to be a broadcast from ABP Asmita and it showed Rupani removing the red beacon from a car.

 “Respecting Modi Govt’s historic decision of ending Lal Batti culture, removed Red Beacon from my car.” Read Vijay Rupani tweet which he himself posted on 20th April, 2020.

This clearly depicts that this claim is false which shows the former Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani removing the red beacon from his car following his resignation.