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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact check: Did Australian Airline CEO gets pie on his face for his speech over Vaccine Mandate?

A video is getting viral, where users are claiming that Australian Airline CEO got smashed with a pie on his face after he gave a speech over vaccine mandates.

Jo McAdams shared a short clip of 20 seconds on 6th March, 2022. He claimed that the speaker is the CEO of Australian Airline and he got smashed with a pie by an l who ran into him on the stage.


Other users also posted the same viral video.



Fact check

After reverse research, we got the video and found that the speaker was not the CEO of Australian Airline. Rather he is a CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce. 7 News Perth posted the video on its official Facebook account on 10 May, 2017.


Another Proof

The Guardian also covered the incident and interviewed the Tony Overhue. He smashed the cake as a political attack over the CEO for supporting same sex marriages.


Conclusion: Therefore the claim is misleading as it was a viral of the CEO of Qantas and it came in 2017. The covid-19 came into existence after 2019 so the caption over vaccine mandate is also fake.

Claim review: Australian Airline CEO gets pie on his face for his speech over Vaccine Mandate

Claim by: Jo McAdams

Fact check: Misleading


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