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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma chased and thrashed by the Human chain, video goes viral.

The video of Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma goes viral all over the internet. It’s shown in the video how the human chain lost its control and jumped on the vehicle in agitation.

People all over the internet are trolling him under various hilarious captions like “the crowd is checking the speed of the vehicle of energy minister.” And “The crowd is checking the energy of the energy minister”.



Fact Check:

Through our research, we found that in this video people are not chasing the energy minister, but of Koderma  MP Ravindra Rai. He was attacked by the human chain near the Telmachcho bridge of Bokaro.

Rai himself told the press about this attack on him. He said that he was unaware of this human chain agitation. An FIR is also registered on the agitators. The news was also covered by the newspaper of Kolkata “The Telegraph”


Therefore the news was misleading, as the agitators did not attack the Energy Minister, but the of koderma MP Ravindra Rai.

Claim Review: The agitators attack Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma.

Claimed by: Social Media Users.

Fact Check: misleading.



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