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Saturday, May 28, 2022

FactCheck: Shahrukh Khan Spits On The Mortal Remains Of Lata Mangeshkar. Claimed By Social Media Users.

Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar left us forever on February 6. Various people including many top celebrities attended her funeral held at Shivaji Park. Meanwhile, when everyone was busy in mourning, some people shared a video of her funeral on social media sites. The video clip is of Shahrukh Khan offering her prayers to Lata Ji. Further, sharing the clip people claim he was spiting in front of her dead body. Furthermore, Arun Yadav, the State In-Charge of @BJP4Haryana, as written in his Twitter account posted the video with the caption, ” kya isne thooka?”(has he spit).

In the same vein, a user @neeraj_jain75 describes this act as Thook Jihad.

Further, another user Hardik wrote in the caption, “what’s the obsession of M with spitting? Was Srk spitting?”   Apparently, The letter M here in the tweet is to target a certain community.

Similarly, thousands of people shared this video clip with many disgusting comments.  Above all, many media houses started the debate on this very topic.


Firstly, these types of news tweets give rise to a very serious question what is wrong in our society? It is debatable what is more insensitive, spreading this news on very emotional occasions like deaths where everyone is busy in mourning or believing in this news.

Looking at the video it is quite clear that Shahrukh was offering prayers for late Lata Ji. And, after that, he just blew air on her mortal remains as a sign of love and respect. 

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That is to say, people are sharing the viral video of Shahrukh Khan with fake and misleading claims. Hence, the viral video is heavily misinterpreted. And, the main concern with such news is that they have the potential to develop hate between different communities. Therefore, we must condemn those who try to spread misleading news that can disturb the peace and harmony of our country.

Claim Review– Shahrukh Khan spits On The Mortal Remains Of Lata Mangeshkar

Claimed by Arun Yadav, Neeraj Jain, and other social media users

Fact check–  fake and misleading

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