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Fact-Check: Scripted and clipped video of Army men helping pregnant lady shared as a real event

A video is getting viral in social media platforms where it is shown that a pregnant woman is carrying luggage at a metro station and asking strangers for help. No one in the video is helping her except two men dressed in army uniform. They helped that pregnant lady by carrying her luggage and the woman who was unable to walk.

The video was shared by thousands of users and was viewed by lakhs of users in Twitter.

Fact Check:

After doing our fact check analysis on the viral video, we found out that this video to be false and misleading. We found the actual video in the Facebook account of Star Creative Production, they have created and uploaded the video on their Facebook account.

Facebook Post


They have clearly mentioned that their page features scripted drama and parodies and their short films are only for entertainment and education purposes.

Therefore, it clearly tells that the viral video was nothing but a scripted act and the video was clipped to share on social media platforms to spread false and misleading narrative.