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Fact-Check: Prashant Bhushan shares far-right conspiracy video regarding release of ‘New Virus’

On October 12,2021, activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan shared an article linking a video which attempts to explain that a new virus from China will be used to enforce universal vaccines by Antoni Fauci and others.

The video is taken from a far right media channel called One America News. The video claims to have unearthed a video of Antoni Fauci and HHS officials discussing the release of a new virus to enforce a vaccine mandate.


Upon performing keyframe searches on the footage used in the segment, we found that the conference actually did take place at the Milken Institute in 2019. We also found the entire footage of the conference posted on C-SPAN.

We looked through the transcripts and found that there is no mention of “enforcing” a universal vaccine mandate. The session was merely organized to understand whether a universal flu shot can be developed rather than changing flu shots from season to season.

In the entire footage, there is no mention of the ‘creation of COVID-19’ virus as claimed by the anchor of the show.

After reading the entire transcript and the video it is easy to conclude that certain statements were taken out of context from this conference and used to create a new narrative. Additionally, the claim that the news channel ‘unearthed’ this video is also false because this video has been available to the public since the day of the conference in 2019.

Therefore, all the claims made by the anchor are fake and misleading.