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Fact-Check: Woman tries to commit suicide due to unemployment

On September 27,2021, a twitter page named ‘Maarwadi Club” posted a video of what looks like a woman trying to jump on the rail tracks of a metro station.

It can be seen that the woman is helped back by someone and thankfully a grave accident is stopped.

The video has over 2,200 views on Twitter and has been posted by other twitter pages as well.


We reverse searched the key frames of this video and found that a YouTube video of the footage was posted by China’s CCTV News Agency YouTube channel and it was posted in 2017.

2017 Video

We also found news articles that covered the event stating that a woman was save from jumping in front of a train in China’s Putian city.

Since the video is old and the event did not take place in India, this claim is misleading.