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Fact-Check: No, PM Modi did not wish Lata Mangeshkar ‘Happy Birthday’ before leaving for his recent trip to the US

On September 23,2021, a day after PM Modi left for his 3-day trip to the US, a clip of a conversation between PM Modi and Lata Mangeshkar was posted by multiple handles. In this clip, PM Modi can be heard saying that by the time he will be back, her birthday will be over.

The clip was posted multiple times on twitter saying that this was PM Modi’s birthday wishes to Lata Mangeshkar before he left for the US.


Upon using the keywords to search about the claim, we found several clips and recordings of PM Modi’s conversation with Lata Mangeshkar in 2019 where he wished her on her 90th birthday before leaving for his Howdy Modi tour. He did so on his ‘mann ki baat show’.

Here is the entire conversation posted in 2019:

Original Video is of 2019

Since the conversation is old and there are not clips of Modi wishing Mangeshkar on her Birthday in 2021, this claim is misleading and false.