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Fact-Check: Video of child meditating in boiling oil gaining 1 million views on Twitter, is fabricated and old

On September 7,2021, twitter user @iSandeepBisht posted a video on twitter of what looks like a child sitting in boiling oil and meditating. A group of people have surrounded the boy and the boy seems to be unphased by the temperature of the oil.

Within a span of less than 24 hours, the video has a whopping 1 million views on twitter and has been shared thousands of times. The video has been captioned “This is 2021 India”.

While many have retweeted the video calling out the child abuse but those are fraction of the reaction received on the video. People have called this to be a feat of marvel and have shared the video to show this marvel on their feeds.


A simple reverse image search on the key frames of the video led us to an article written in 2019 by a website called Esakal that exposed this stunt two years ago.

According to the article, a man named Shahji Bhosle debunked the methodology used by the people to create this stunt in detail. According to him and others who have debunked this trick, the vessel in which the boy is sitting is insulated and there is a pump attached at the bottom to create the air bubbles.

Therefore the claim made by Sandeep Bishti is false on two counts, first the video is not of 2021 but 2019 and the stunt is fake. Therefore this claim is fake.