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Fact Check: Photograph of the July 2016 attack in Una is being used to represent the condition of Muslims in India.

Claim: A Bangladeshi Facebook account named Md Belal has posted an image with the description “😭এই হলো ভারতীয় মুসলমান ভাইদের অবস্থা, আল্লাহ আপনি তাদের হেফাজত করুন আমিন,🕋“, when translated it in English, it was written “This is the condition of Indian Muslim brothers, may Allah protect them Amin”

The post got 63 likes, 8 comments and 3 Shares.

Similar posts shared by other Bangladeshi accounts.

Fact Check:

On performing simple reverse image search, it was found that the image attached with the post is of Una Dalit flogging case of July 2016.

Comparison between Two Images

Conclusion: The post done by Md Belal on 6 Sept,2021 to represent the condition of Muslims in India is fake and misleading.