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Fact-Check: False image of man and daughter from Afghanistan goes viral on Facebook

On August 21, 2021, a page on Facebook named God Says posted an image of a man and his alleged infant daughter running away from something and from the looks of it, they seem distressed.

God Says’ post on Facebook

God Says has close to 1 million likes on Facebook. The post reads that a good man protects his daughter and urges people to pray for Afghanistan. It currently has 30,000 likes and has been shared 16,000 times.


Upon reverse searching the image on google, it was found that this image was taken in 2017 in Mosul, Iraq. The image was found in Reuters’ archive and has been taken by a photographer named Goran Tomasevic.

Image found on the Reuters website

The image has been cropped and used on the Facebook post to hid some aspects of the incident. Therefore this claim is false.