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Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Fact Check: what did Kejriwal write about the education system in Gujrat?

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A picture is getting viral on social media sites where some students are seen climbing on the wall of an educational institution. The picture got viral with the claim that students are protesting against the educational system of Gujrat.

Common people along with Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal also posted that picture.

People of BJP are also raising questions on the crumbling education of Gujarat. Rising above the party line, voice has started rising for a good education in Gujarat. BJP could not give good education in 27 years. “AAP” government will give good education in Gujarat as well as in Delhi by taking the people of Gujarat and all the parties along. (Translates in Hindi) Reads the Caption.

There are more links to this.

Dr. Bharat Kanabar

Not only Twitter but Facebook too is filled up with the posts like these.

Fact Check:

We at DFRAC reverse searched the image and found that the image is very old. The picture is from the year 2015.

The image was used in the news by The Indian Express , with headline, “Bihar mass cheating: ‘Happened last year too, no one noticed.

The same news was covered by The Times of India with headline, “Mass cheating in Bihar, UP: A, perennial problem.


The picture getting viral is very old and from the year 2015.

Claim Review: students are protesting against the educational system of Gujrat.

Claimed by:  @ArvindKejriwal and other social media users.

Fact Check : Misleading






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