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Fact-Check: Viral video of Taliban soldiers threatening India over Kashmir is old

A video is being shared on all social media platforms showing a group of men threatening India over Kashmir. The man in the video is speaking in Urdu and goes on to say that Muslims have been preparing for a battle for the last 100 years. The video has been shared over thousands of times on Facebook and has been watched numerous times as well.

The video has been shared on Twitter as well where it has 60,000 views.


Upon  reverse searching the individual frames of the video, we found that this video was initially first shared as far back as 2019.

The video makes its first appearance in 2019 on YouTube and Facebook therefore its resurgence in 2021 can be attributed to the current rise of Taliban within Afghanistan. While we could not verify the men in this video and who they might be, we can only conclude that the claims made by people saying that this is a warning from the Taliban to India in 2021 is false and misleading.