अप्रैल 16, 2024

Ethical Policy

Ethical Policy

Ethical policies of DFRAC are guidelines for all employees of a company to do the right thing and behave at high standards at all times. Good ethical policies create a good culture based on trust and transparency.

Non-partisan policy:

DRFAC is a nonpartisan organisation by nature and does not turn a blind eye to one particular party or ideology. It is committed to providing nonpartisan fact-checks because facts cannot favour or not favour someone.

Evidence based analysis:

DFRAC uses all available data in the public domain to fact-check a claim. We use tools such as reverse image searches and data analysis along with reaching out to verified resources to make sure that we leave no stone unturned. We always provide links to sources in our fact-checks so that the readers too can read the information for themselves.
Transparent approach to fact checking:

DFRAC aims to be extremely transparent about the methods and approaches used when it comes to fact-checking. It shall always attempt to explain in detail why something is false or misleading. The organisation aims to create media literacy and encourage its readers to evaluate the claims on their own as well.