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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Did Police Arrested SP Leader’s Daughter For Spreading Fake News?

Many videos of students stuck in Ukraine requesting the Indian government for help are going viral on the internet. Meanwhile, an image of a girl sitting on the ground with police officers standing is getting massively viral on social media. Sharing the image users are claiming that she is SP Leader’s Daughter.  And, she made a fake video of her that she is in Ukraine. Along with the post, Rajesh Chaudhary wrote the caption, It’s amazing that UP Police is the fastest. Village head daughter of former block chief and SP leader rescued from Ukraine by UP Police

Similarly, many users shared this picture on their handles. With the claim, that she is Vaishali Yadav, the daughter of Hardoi’s Gram Pradhan, Samajwadi party leader. And, she made a fake appeal video from Ukraine rescued by UP police’.

In the same vein, Naveen Kumar Jindal shared a post with the caption, “Vaishali Yadav, daughter of SP leader Mahendra Yadav, made a video from her home at the behest of her father to defame the Modi government.”

Fact Check

After doing a google image reverse search, we found a report of Amarujala.  From the report, it is clear that she is Kamala Chaudhary, not Vaishali Yadav. She was arrested in Nagaur, Rajasthan under Arms and IT Act.

Moreover, we also found a Tweet of the Nagaur Police with the caption, “Quick action of Nagaur Police!  The girl created an atmosphere of fear among the general public by making a video viral with a weapon on social media. Within 24 hours, the girl was arrested from Nagaur.”



Hence, it is clear that users are sharing the picture with fake and baseless claims.

Claim Review: Police Arrested SP Leaders Daughter For Spreading Fake News.

Claimed by:   Rajesh Chaudhary and other social media users

Fact check–  fake and misleading



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