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Fact-Check: People block roads to offer namaz? Photo goes viral

On November 10,2021, the founder of Postcard Mahesh Vikram Hegde posted an image of a large group of men offering namaz on a road. The picture is captioned,”Aamir Khan asked not to burst firecrackers on roads. But will he ask not to block roads & offer namaz? He will never say it because he knows who the real intolerants are.” Implying that the people of the minority community are intolerant. 

The image was then posted by journalist ‘Rakesh’ as well who has a verified account on Twitter. 


We performed a reverse image search and found that the image was used in a Bangladeshi publication called Barta24. According to the article, the image was taken at Sobhanbagh Jame Mosque Juma Jamaat in Dhaka. 

Image in the article

Since the image is from Dhaka and not India, their claim is false.