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Friday, January 27, 2023

Mohd Fahad


Exclusive articles:

Fake news: Once printed, lasts forever

Newspapers are till date the most authenticated source of news. Simply because they are the only medium of information which once published can’t be...

‘The Social Dilemma’ brings monsters of social media out in the open

Remember Keanu Reeves-starrer ‘The Matrix’, which showed a world that was placed before your eyes to blind you from the truth. After watching The...


Is RBI now planning to use photos of notes instead of Photos- Read Fact Check

A video shared on Instagram which is claiming that...

Fact Check: Bihar Education Minister falsely claims, names of freedom fighters are not mentioned at India Gate in Delhi

Bihar Education Minister Prof Chandrashekhar has said that the...

DFRAC Exclusive: Analysis of the information warfare network on Twitter

Twitter is the biggest platform of information warfare where...