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Harvard World Records inflates its worth with false claims

Harvard World Records is a company that claims to help individuals create world records and facilitate their certification. Going by the model of Guinness World Records, their process seems similar, in that they ask potential record holders to register on their website and even have a separate page to register adjudicators who might be able to verify the participants’ claim. 

They seem to have a lot of similarities between their policies and that of Guinness World Records right down to how records are to be made and the application process.

Similarities in policies

Fake and arbitrary celebrity records

On their website, a list of some of the biggest celebrities have been listed as ‘Harvard World Record’ holders including Taylor Swift, Sachin Tendulkar, Bono and Christiano Ronaldo. 

Celebrities featured on the website

However, after looking at the world records they were listed for, it turns out that they seem to have simply added facts about the celebrities, labelling them as records. This is substantiated by the fact that none of the personalities have been recorded by the media to have received these records or have acknowledged Harvard World Records in any manner. 

Also, some people are simply listed as ‘record holders’ without any further elaboration which is also very suspicious. 

‘Record holder’ listed without a record

What does one get when they set a Harvard World Record? 

To confirm what exactly do the participants get after setting a record, we got in touch with Zehra who is a popular calligrapher on Twitter with over 11,000 followers. Zehra was approached by the company to create a record. As per our conversation with her, once the record is complete, the company charges Rs. 3,000 for an e-certificate of the record, Rs. 5000 for a physical copy of the certificate and if the participants want the medal and the entire kit, they must pay Rs. 9000 to the organisation. It must be noted that Zehra was contacted via a phone call from an Indian number. Zehra also told us that an artist named Wajid Khan suggested that she sign up for this activity. 

These amounts may not seem like much but here it must be noted that we could not find a GST number of the organisation in India even though it seems like all the non-celebrity record holders are all Indian. 

Who owns the company? 

The website does list their UK registration number along with a UK address. Upon looking up the registration number,  we found that the company is registered under someone called Wajid Khan. 

Going back to what Zehra told us, she was approached by an artist named Wajid Khan to register for this company. Could this Wajid Khan be the same person as the man who registered this company? 

To confirm this, we looked up Wajid Khan’s profile on twitter where his bio says that he is a Guinness World Record holder and is in the Limca Book of records as well. 

It also says that he resides in Indore and we could not find a link between him and the UK.

However, this immediately does not establish if they are the same people but it is extremely likely that they are. 


It does seem like some of the record holders received a medal and a kit for the record but no verification has been given for any of them. What also makes us question their validity is the fact that all the record holders apart from celebrities are all Indian. The part that makes this a scam is that they claim to have headquarters in the US, Dubai and London but we could not find any operations in the US or Dubai.

 The record practically holds no meaning because of its arbitrary nature and limited scope while the people who participate in these records are meant to pay a fee for receiving a ‘medal’.